Expertise and professionalism first of all

Our 3 generation's expertise in horology is the result of many years of work as watchmakers that today allows us to recover the hystorical value of vintage or old watches; the same watches that you want to hand down to the next generation because they carry family emotions and memories with them.

You will find in Fabrizio Ferro an expert and trustworthy interlocutor that will explain everything of nowadays and old times horology. A good watch is like the best wine! Give it the right attention and it will age elegantly and it will acquire value and prestige.

Here you are the services our workshop can provide you.

 Maintenance and restoration of several brand’s watches only with original components.

Thanks to our great experiences we are capable to assist you with the maintenance of our watch because we want it to be always functioning and valuable for the time passing.

You will find a dedicated and accurated restoration service even for brands we don’t treat as official retailer. We pay maximum attention in every step of the process, from the evaluation of the maintenance work to the supply and assembly of the components.

  • Polishing of gold or stainless stell cases and watchbands: they will look as new!

Details make the difference: a case and a watchband in good state enhance the value of your watch. It takes only few dedicated products and simple actions that only a professionist knows!

  • Professional test for waterproof and scuba watches.

 The notice “waterproof” on the caseback isn’t enough to assure the tightness of your watch forever. Don’t worry! In our store we have all it is needed to execute the test and spare you bad surprises.

  •  Restoration and recondition of antique table watches and hall watches.

 We take care of your antique watches granting you a high qualified service of restoration, cleaning and recondition.

  • Restoration and reconstruction of antique wrist and pocket watches’ components.

Don’t leave your broken old watch in a drawer only because you think it isn’t worth to be repair: we can restore it and also reconstruct his broken components.

  •  Battery and strap fast exchange.

This is the service our customers appreciate the most because it is fast and convenient.We have different types of batteries and a big choice of straps from the best brands.

We sell second hand watches of various brands: Cartier, Frank Muller, JWC, Panerai, Rolex, Tag Heuer e Omega. Our second hand watches, which are inspected and totally riconditioned as new in our workshop, will be for you the perfect chance for enjoy freely the luxury of a precious time or to enlarge your collection.


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