Gemology and Expertise

Our gemologists are IGI qualified (International Gemologist Institute of Antwerp, Belgium).

They will provide you analysis and expert advices on your gemstones and jewels. Then they will eventually give you a regular certificate based on the analysis made by observing the on-going international normative and applying his high level experience. They will be also glad to provide the estimate of your gemstones and jewels, giving you the best quotation.

Gemological analysis

They will do a professional analysis in order to identify and certificate all the characteristics of your precious stones (diamonds, colored gemstones, pearls, corals). As official IGI (International Gemologist Institute) gemologists they use the most advanced techniques and refer to internationals quality standards. At the end of the analysis they compile and give you a certificate in accordance with international guidelines; this document will be universally acknowledged as an ID card of your gemstone and jewel. 


  • Jewels and watches expertise and evaluation

They provide quotations, consulting, expertise and certifications that you can spend for every use within the law.

  • Assessment insurances

Fabrizio Ferro can do analysis, consulting and can issue specific expert technical reports in case of estate, divisions, assurances usable as CCIAA insurances; he also serves as consulting agent for Padua Courthouse.

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