gemstone analysis,

specialists and appraisers

Thanks to the experience gained over the years and our expertise, we are able to perform appraisals and gemological analyses on diamonds and precious stones to certify their authenticity and market value.


With our established experience in the industry, we ensure a precise and professional appraisal service, providing the certainty that your treasures are handled with the utmost care and skill.

Gemology services

    • Sale of blistered and certificated diamonds (IGI, GIA, HRD, Calderoni and diamonds that have been verified by our accredited gemologists IGI Antwerp).
    • Gemological analysis on diamonds and precious gems using advanced techniques and according to international standards.
      Issue of a gemstone certificate, which describes the characteristics of the gem.
    • Gemological evaluation of jewels to estimate their market value.
    • Appraisals valid for insurance purposes carried out by our expert gemologists.
    • Opening of safety deposit boxes and safes for legal purposes.
    • Gemcutting on chipped and broken stones.
    • Withdraw of precious stones for money or goods.
    •  IGI official gemological certification, issue of the certificate.

Choose the experts.

If the beauty of a gem is always visible to the naked eye, the same cannot be said of its value. That is why it is so important to rely on a professional, who can determine it for you.

Our gemologists are IGI Antwerp accredited. Their qualification as experts and appraisers is also recognized by the Chamber of Commerce of Padova and by the Court of Rovigo, with the registration in the CTU register.

Aesthetic and value

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