goldsmith workshop,

our strong point

Our specialized technicians use their skills to restore your jewels. The Venetian goldsmith tradition and the constant updating of processing techniques make our goldsmith Atelier a strong point of our company.

Post-sales services

  • Resizing: we make your rings, bracelets and necklaces smaller or larger.
  • Jewels repair: thanks to the mastery of different processing techniques we can restore both new and antique jewelry.
  • Stones setting: performed by hand by our specialized setters.
  • Polishing and rhodium plating: we restore the surface of jewelry back to its original state.
  • Threading of pearls and hard stones: we manually thread pearl and hard stones necklaces.
  • Engraving: we personalize your jewels with hand, laser and pantograph engravings.

The artistic soul of Ferro Gioielli

A precious and sophisticated collection, result of the Venetian tradition and avant-garde techniques.
Unique pieces, made entirely by hand, enriched with precious stones and diamonds carefully selected by our accredited IGI gemologists.

Rare beauty

Our IGI Gemmologists select one by one for you the rarest and finest diamonds, pearls and precious stones.


Step by step by your side in the creation process

We bring your idea and emotions to life, creating a customized jewel that represents them. We put all our experience at your disposal but before starting .. we listen to you. You can choose from the many frames already available or create a totally original one.

Art of creating jewels

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