Unless isolated cases you will always find the price of our products exposed. Currency used for the payment is related to the destination Country of your order and it is an available info during the checkout phase. If your currency isn’t available on our e-commerce your order will be expressed in Euros.

For italian accounts all the prices on our e-commerce comprehend the italian 22% VAT tax. Shipping charges eventually required will be applied during the checkout phase.

For foreign accounts all the prices on our e-commerce have already been decurted by the italian 22% VAT tax. Shipping charges will be applied during the checkout phase.

By paying with credit/debit card you will automatically declare that it is yours. The issure of the card could require checks and validity authorizations If the issure doesn’t authorize the transation Ferro Gioielli could not accept your order.

Ferro Gioielli is not responsible for further charges eventually imposed by your card’s issure.

Due to the great amount of products Ferro Gioielli could not grant a punctual updated of its e-commerce. Ferro Gioielli always put a great effort into the correction of all imprecisions that could occur. In case you purchase a product with a wrong price Ferro Gioielli will contact you as soon as possible to give all the instuctions required to correct or delete the order.

NOTE: E-commerce prices could be different from brick and mortar prices. They have to be considered two separeted commercial activities of Ferro Gioielli.



PayPal is a payment system that allows you to make your online purchases without typing your credit card number everytime.
Your data are transmitted by a safe ciphered connection with SecureSocketLayer (SSL) directly on the payment platform. This way Ferro Gioielli can’t memorize your credit card number because it will be directly communicated to PayPal. Once you will confirm your order at you will be redirect to the safe PayPal server where you will have to type the e-mail and the password of your PayPal account.


We also accept bankwire payment. If you chose this method please send us an e-mail with the deposit slip.

Beneficiary: Gioielleria Ferro Nereo di Ferro Fabrizio & C. s.n.c

Bank: Banca per lo Sviluppo Della Cooperazione di Credito S.p.A.

IBAN: IT34U0313962560000000027917


Credit Card

All the transations are controlled and organized  by the Internet payment system with the SSL mode and 256 bit criptography. The system is verified for VISA and MasterCard thanks to the protocols Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. Once you will confirm your order at you will be redirected on a safe page on the safe server where you will type your credit card’s data.

Ferro Gioielli will not be able to know  your credit card date because they will be directly transmitted to the server of the payment circuit.