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  • Quick assistance: technicians carry out minor and instant interventions that may concern, for example, batteries and straps replacement. This kind of interventions aim to satisfy the most immediate needs.
  • Movement overhaul: complete watch movement overhaul. Movement is reviewed using only original and certified equipment.
  • Mechanical repair: from the simplest to the most complex repairs. We also restore vintage watches, which can be handed down to coming generations due to their economic and emotional value.
  • Polishing: we polish “to new” your watch cases and bracelets both in steel and gold. On vintage and antique watches the polishing is carried out for conservation purposes.
  • Water resistance test: we perform water and dry waterproofing tests to ensure that the mechanics are effectively protected from water and dust.
    We also issue a certificate that proves that the test has been done.
  • Glass replacement: whether it is plexiglass or sapphire, we use only genuine spare parts.


We care about your watch

In our laboratory we dedicate ourselves with precision and competence to the maintenance of your watches: we have been doing it since our beginning. We are attentive to your needs and committed to satisfying them with the professionalism that has distinguished us for over 70 years.

Prestige of time.

We perform a wide variety of interventions, from simple to complex, on all types of watches. We exclusively use certified and original spare parts in order to keep their value intact over the years.

Our commitment to quality is also reflected in our approach to selecting spare parts, ensuring they adhere to the highest standards of the watchmaking industry.


“The laboratory has always been the beating heart of the company, a reference point for those who seek the best technical assistance.”

Nereo Ferro

For over
70 years

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